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This page lists links to ENSEMBLES climate data of relevance to WP6.2.

ENSEMBLES web portal "Probabilistic regional climate information for impact assessments"

RT2b has lanched a web portal that "provides briefing material (...) for developers and users of regional climate information, together with links to relevant datasets and tools". It also lists the various ENSEMBLES data archieves. A short descriptions of the datasets produced in ENSEMBLES can also be found from the ENSEMBLES main website.

Probabilistic projections for Europe ("Grand Ensemble")
Glen Harris and colleagues at the Hadley Centre have provided joint frequency distribution of annual and saisonal temperature and precipitation changes for regions and grid cells in Europe. An earlier, preliminary version of this dataset has been used in the beginning of the ENSEMBLES and can be obtained on request.

Links to various other data sets

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