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This area gives details of what reports will next be due for WP6.2, what phase of development you should be at, and how to fill in the next stage of ENSEMBLES reporting documents. It will also include links to relevant bits of the ENSEMBLES Web sites, like the latest incarnation of the DoW, for example.

Description of Work
The DoW changes quite often - you can find the latest version at the ENSEMBLE member's home page.

Annual reporting
Forth year reporting documents and deadlines will be put here when they become available. The ENSEMBLES home page also gives some Reporting guidance.

WP6.2 Deliverables:

  • D6.2 First-phase impact models to predict damage to human activities, the environment and tropical annual crops from climate extremes: e.g. wind storm, drought, flood and heat stress (Feb 06)
  • D6.3 Calibrated and tested crop, forest, hydrology and energy impact models; baseline data and scenarios for constructing impact response surfaces (Feb 06)
  • D6.7 Preliminary report on a comparative study of response surface and multiple scenario approaches to assessing risks of impacts using selected impact models (May 07)
  • D6.8 Preliminary report on changes in climate extremes and their relation to health, flood risk, agriculture, forest and property damage (May 07)
  • D6.9 Report on an intercomparison study of modelled, Europe-wide forest fire risk for present day conditions (Aug 06)
  • D6.13 Recommendations and guidance on methods for the construction of probabilistic regional climate projections (Joint deliverable: Also D2B.26; Aug 08)
  • D6.14 Joint WP 6.2 paper on the use of probabilistic climate projections in assessing the risk of impacts in Europe (Feb 09)
  • D6.15 Assessing the uncertainty in projected changes in climate extremes and their impacts on the following sectors: health, forestry, flood risk, property damage, agriculture (Aug 08)

WP6.2 Milestones:

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