Introduction to Finessi Web Tool

FINESSI offers a web interface for exploring model projections of the possible impacts of future climate change. The aim is to provide an opportunity for users to understand better the sensitivity of different systems to climate change as well as the uncertainty of model projections. FINESSI may be used, for example, by environmental and community planners, by academic researchers and by industry.
The 2007 pilot version of the FINESSI webtool integrates results from three impact models using climate projections from six global climate models assuming four scenarios of greenhouse gas emissions. The impacts currently presented in FINESSI are related to hydrology, lake physics, agriculture and biodiversity. 
The FINESSI webtool uses three impact models:
  • Hydrology: WSFS - SYKE's model for watershed simulation and forecasting
  • Lake physics: MyLake - one-dimensional model of lake physics
  • Biodiversity: Occurrence of palsa mires
and climate scenarios from 6 global climate models :
  • CSIRO-Mk2,
  • HadCM3,
  • EH40PYC
  • CCCma
 assuming 4 emission scenarios :
  • A1FI
  • A2
  • B1
  • B2