Scenarios are plausible, alternative and internally-consistent pictures of the future. They are not predictions or forecasts, but examples of what might happen under particular assumptions. Scenarios provide a starting point for examining questions about an uncertain future and can help us visualize alternative futures in concrete and human terms. They offer the means to explore how human activities may change the composition of the atmosphere, how this in turn may affect the global climate and how the resulting climate changes may impact upon the environment and human activities.

scentree_no.gifThe scenarios applied in FINESSI are based on the IPCC SRES-scenarios.

Emission scenarios

  • A1FI
  • A2
  • B1
  • B2 

The climate change scenarios for Finland were developed in the FINSKEN project. Many of the impacts were estimated in the FINADAPT project as well as in related European Union funded projects. New climate change scenarios, based on the latest IPCC results (2007), are being prepared. These are not expected to differ greatly from the current scenarios.