Anthropogenic climate change
The problem of anthropogenic climate change (i.e. changes in the earth's climate due to human-induced emissions of greenhouse gases) and its potential impacts (e.g. shifts of vegetation zones, loss of biological diversity, risks to water resources and water quality) requires an integrated and multi-disciplinary research approach. Numerous model-based studies of the impacts of global change have been conducted during the past two decades, both at the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) in particular, and in Finland as a whole. However, these studies are based on a wide variety of impact models and scenarios, dispersed across different departments and institutions.
FINESSI seeks to consolidate and to integrate some of this dispersed knowledge by developing a computer-based evaluation framework that permits the application of existing impact models and scenarios on a common platform.
The overall long term goals of FINESSI are schematically presented in Figure 2, which presents the various steps required to transmit research results to users of the results. The pilot version of FINESSI published in January 2007 does not yet, however, include all features depicted in Figure 2, for example online impact models or interpolators.
Figure 2. Schematic view of long term goals of FINESSI